In Clervaux we painted 340sqm of the wall along the river. In between the two murals at the ends of the wall, four painted 6 x 3m DIBOND Panels were attached to the wall. These panels are going to be replaced by new paintings from our artists every year.


In Leudelange, we brought colour to the city center. 33 artists & 6 buildings, 5 live music acts & 3 weekends of festival.



For the Spring fair in Luxembourg city, we organized collective exhibitions for a row of years. Showing over 100 artworks of more than 30 artists to 35000 visitors per year.


In May 2019 we organised a public art project in the parc of Herperange. 10 Cubes of 200 x 200 x 200 were painted by the following artists:

ROCKET01 | GERA1 | Jonah BACHE | Kit EMPIRE | Lisa JUNIUS | Raphael GINDT | ABYS | Jo MALANO | Daniel Mac LLOYD | Yannick TOSSING

De Velosbuttek – Pop up exhibition

In July 2019 we opened the doors to an exhibition in an old empty house in Schifflange that has completely been invaded by the following artists:

Alain WELTER | Clause BEESKOW | Daniel Mac LLOYD | David SONER | Flore FRIDEN | GERA1 | Jo MALANO | Joel ROLLINGER | Jonah BACHE | KIT EMPIRE | Koga ONE | Laetitia MOROCUTTI | LESKULE | Lisa JUNIUS | Melanie HERSKIND | Nina BIREN | Olly OXFORD | PINO | Raphael GINDT | Senor SCHNU | Tape That | Yannick TOSSING

The exhibition was open for 3 weeks.

Supported by Gemeng Scheffleng, Ministère de la Culture, MTN Colors, Syndicat d’Initiative et du tourisme Schifflange, Street Art Culture asbl.

Nuit de la Culture ESCH 2019

Participation at the Nuit De La Culture – Esch/Alzette – 14 September 2019

The fountain of life
Installation by Kamellebuttek

Photo © Henri Goergen