“Every single piece is puked out stuff” C.D.

Chiara Dahlem is a multidisciplinary mixed media artist. Her large sized frenetic colourful paintings, realised on canvases as well as on interior and exterior walls, appear as tempting as tasty sweets at first sight.

The artist has developed her very own language, which feeds on classic image composition, pop art, tattoo art, street art and contemporary comic.

The multidisciplinary artist is also known for her conceptual, site specific socio-critical installations. Dahlem’s work could be summed up as conceptual expressionism.

Creation to be seen at the gallery

“RACISM is a site-specific installation questioning the origins and fundaments of racism itself. As early childhood is to be seen as the status quo of innocence and lacking of prejudices it is within that precise period of time that the very early fundaments of racism are to be found. Embodied as cockroaches crawling their way through the narrowest cracks of our society, racism is to be found within daily family life, throughout the education system and anchored within system relevant institutions. In order to not give cockroaches the opportunity to enter, their different entering cracks in our society need to be stuffed. “

Available artworks

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Infinity | Chiara DAHLEM | Edition of 3 Prints | 80 x 60 | 100 €
Blickwinkel | 180 x 230 | 2 0 2 0
HUNTER | 240 x 190 | 2 0 2 0
Dead End | 300 x 160 | 2 0 2 0
AFRICA MY DEAR | 200 x 200 | 2 0 2 0
GOTCHA | 280 x 140 | 2 0 1 9