COronArt | 17 APR – 10 JUL

In 2020, the world got hit by the covid-19pandemic and it stopped turning form one day to the other in in March. Shops, schools and restaurants were closed. People started working from home and living in physically social isolation.

In April 2021, a year after all this started, we take a look back and reflect on this worldwide situation from the point of view of 32 Luxembourgish artists and how they lived this past year. Installations, paintings and sculptures show the changes and impacts to the world and the people hit by such a pandemic crisis.

The exhibition has been curated in a collaboration with Jean-Claude Salvi, Marc Wilwert and Kamellebuttek Art Gallery.





En mars 2020, le monde s’est arrêté de tourner du jour au lendemain à cause de la pandémie coivd-19. Les magasins, les écoles et les restaurants étaient fermés. Les gens étaient forcés de travailler de leur maison et en isolation sociale physique.

En avril 2021, une année après tout ça a commencé, nous faisons la réflexion sur la situation mondiale du point de vue de 32 artistes luxembourgeois.

Des installations, peintures et sculptures montrant les impacts et les changements sur le monde touché par une telle crise sanitaire.

L’exposition a été couraté et réalisé en collaboration de Jean-Claude SALVI, Marc WILWERT et Kamellebuttek Art Gallery.





EXPO3 is a collective show featuring installations, paintings and sculptures of 8 artists from 5 different countries.


DOES (NL) | SEN2 FIGUEROA (USA) | Chiara DAHLEM (L) | Carl KENZ (GER) | Tankpetrol (UK) | Philippe LAMESCH (L) | Raphael GINDT (L) | Daniel Mac LLOYD (L)

The Exhibition is open for 6 months on Tue/Thu/Sat | 14-19h.

Looking forward to welcome you.

8-10 NOVEMBER 2019
KAMELLEBUTTEK Booth at Luxembourg Art Week

The second exhibition

Opened in April 2019 the exhibition featured the works from 16 urban contemporary artists.

ROCKET1 (UK) – VIDAM (GER) – SENOR SCHNU (GER) – GERA1 (GRE) – TAPE THAT (GER) –                   LUIS ZIMMERMANN (GER) – ADULTREMIX (GER) – ABYS (FR) – KOGA ONE (FR) –                               LISA JUNIUS (LUX) – JO MALANO (LUX) – KD1 (LUX) – JOEL ROLLINGER (LUX) –                                     ALAIN WELTER (LUX) – DANIEL MAC LLOYD (LUX) – RAPHAEL GINDT (LUX)

Photo credit: Kevin Junck

Have a walk through the Kamellebuttek Gallery impressions | 📽 by Luca Mahnke

Gepostet von Kamellebuttek am Freitag, 15. Februar 2019
Have a walk through the Kamellebuttek
Gallery impressions | 📽 by Luca Mahnke

We proudly invite you to our next big show opening SAT 27/04. From 4pm till 10pm.It features the following artistsRocket01.co.uk | Señor Schnu | Alain Welter | Gera1 | Lisa JUNIUS | Raphael GINDT | KD1 | Kogaone | Daniel Mac LLOYD | Malano Jo | Adult Remix | Tapethat| Joel Rollinger | Luis Zimmermann | ABYS | Vidaman intercultural food brought to you by Mir wëllen iech ons Heemecht weisen, live music from Claude Lucius, Mellows, Gustavo Morales and Maz . A little extra, the artcar we made for Lët'z Fetz will be shown. Video credits go to Luca Films📹

Gepostet von Kamellebuttek am Samstag, 13. April 2019

Opening exhibition

SEP2018 – APR2019 The opening exhibition showed over 90 artworks from the two artists Raphael GINDT and Daniel Mac LLOYD, the founders of the Kamellebuttek. With more than 1200 visitors on the opening event and 4 live music acts on that day.