Born in Poland in 1982 Irek Jasutowicz, better known under his pseudonym ‘Tankpetrol’, the same moniker he left on the local art scene when he moved to Manchester, England in ’06. Mixing spray and traditional paint with stencils-techniques, Tank has become a skilled mixed-media artist and is comfortable working across a variety of media and projects that include large scale murals, interior design as well as carpentry.

Tank’s works are often multi-layered and extremely detailed. Using all kinds of geometric shapes, mostly upside-down triangles and circles, he creates captivating artworks that look like they were extracted from a psychedelic dream.

Focal point of most of his work are women, depicted in strong posture, wearing tribal or military garment, showing a variety of strong and complex emotions like fear, anger or self confidence. Creating those images, Tank, who used to serve in the Polish army and is a self-taught artist, is looking to embrace the diversity of women characters.

Artworks available at the gallery


100 x 134 cm  |  2 0 2 0
Acrylic, stencils, spray paints and liquid copper on textured formica panel.

5.800 €